Here are some handy links to websites you might want to visit: – A very useful online guidebook – A brief explanation of the river grades – River Levels. – Scottish Kayakers Facebook group – Pinkston Watersports, Glasgow’s artificial whitewater course


Some kit store links: – Often has some pretty good discounts– Based in Perth. Stocks all the major UK brands and has friendly and helpful staff.– Based in Stirling. Same as above– Lomo watersports. Very cheap and good quality gear. The evolution dry cags and drysuits are good

value and used by many club members. Only 15 minutes walk from the university! Perfect if you love the colour yellow. –– Good for buying 2nd hand gear – -Also good for buying 2nd hand gear


General Interest and Inspiration! – Some great Scottish Kayaking Videos – Bomb Flow TV! – The bomb flow guys under a new name – This guy has some good coaching videos on how to roll