Dah Commodore -Eadie McCallum

Eadie joined the GUCC as a kayaking virgin and has become the boss of the club! Our lady of the river is unbelievably enthusiastic, exhaustingly cheerful and exactly the person to convince you that kayaking is the best sport in the entire world. This summer this particular rock licker (takes one to know one) could be found up the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania.



imageSassy Secretary- Chris Curry

An ex St Andrews medic who we have taken to our hearts. A great guy to follow down whitewater and rumours of brilliant slalom skills won’t leave this man alone. Let it be none that he made an adorable ( if quite camp) bear at this years Annual General Meeting and Goldilocks was very lucky to have him.




Keeper of the Gold aka. Treasurer- Jane Gourley

A squeaky clean fresher last year Jane has definitely had some adventures in her first year of the club. She is the perfect person to be looking after our dolla’ dolla’ bills and will buy us lots of new pretty pink kit. Or maybe we will all get glow in the dark bunny ears on our helmets as she can be seen modelling hear.



imageOrganised Fun Facilitator aka Social Secretary – Wee John McGlinchey

John (NO LINE) McGlinchey was a fresher last year and quickly became a key member of the club with his boundless energy and positive attitude, he may also be partially responsible for our decrease in faff. He has some fantastic ideas for new socials after his summer spent at Camp America teaching kayaking. Will be responsible for many great nights and potentially many questionable decisions.




Publicity Convenor- Amy McCormack

Taking over from the glamours gossip girl this lass will do her best to keep you updated in what is going on with the club. Another Earth Science student and kayaking virgin till she came to Uni. She can often be found river side either clutching half a broken paddle or with a ukulele in hand. Just don’t give her too much sugar or a repeat of the Tummel may happen, which was not the reason she won best swimmer at last years Annual General Meeting.


image( Extra) Ordinary Member- Cat Mc(CheapJoke)Bride
The unofficial queen of the club Cat is a brilliant boater and the loveliest person ever. She is the next best person after George to ask about anything kayak related as I think she prefers boating to walking. Spewy McBride sometimes comes out to play and insists we need more vegetables. Though we may all agree we are not sure sleepwalking is the best time to point this out.



imageCompetition Secretary – Alice Dean

Our amazing Alice, will have you playing in one of the beginner games of polo without you even realising, and then before you know it competing for the University. In charge of organising the Scottish Student Sport Polo competition we host every year, known to be one of the very best weekends on and off the pitch, and all the other events GUCC take part in. We hope to see a return of the star costume along with another (in)glorious pun to match!


10348284_834820143205820_6971420481326267358_nWhitewater Officer – George Elderfield

George is a dedicated and passionate boater and this year is our white water officer, where he will be helping us all improve our whitewater skills both at the river and using the artificial whitewater centre in the North of Glasgow -Pinkston. We are all secretly envious of our George as he is an aeronautical engineering prodigy, an excellent boater and can down a pint in the blink of an eye. For all your kayaking info needs, George is your man.



Trip Secretary- Emma Cecil

Cecil has been club secretary and ordinary member so knows the ins and outs of the club as well as being an excellent boater. Additional to boating and studying civil engineering Cecil is also a fancy dress outfitter- pm he for your own personal outfit, she specialises in human showers, flying carpets and glow stick men. A video of her briefly went viral last winter and this particular legend has been known to eat an entire apple pie followed up by more apple pie. # like a girl


image KatieShip(wrecks)rights- Cameron Floyd & Katie Douglas

What are shiprights I hear you cry? Well they essentially look after all the kit/the shed/the boats/do all the dirty work, and we love them for it. Katie is one of our favourite farmers daughters along with Alice (young farmers are well represented here). While Cameron (CJ) floyd wants it to be known that the force is with him and his family have a sword. He can be seen in the left picture here as snug as a bug in a rug in his sleeping bag at BUCs.



Safety Committee – The people in charge of making sure we don’t do anything too daft! (While in boats at least.)



Euan Richardson - Engineer in chief! Is there anything he doesn’t know about kayaking. Dry sense of humour but happiest with wet paddles. To the left he can be seen doing the quite rare activity of showboating in Kelvingrove Park. After some contemplation and a very fun day it has been suggested that helmets might be a good idea next year.





Paul Walker - This member for life is definitely living up to the title. His boat did do some cool rivers in the Alps this summer, however he was still in Scotland being a Science Communicator. I hear rumours that a certain club member will buy anyone a pint who can push this man in while playing polo as he is that good.





John Rothwell - Keen bean winner at the last AGM John likes nothing more than to be on the river. ( Well maybe being pictured doing cool stuff on a river.) Mr anti-faff himself, just wish he would put some more clothes on, but don’t let the lack of t-shirt confuse you, he is perfectly aware of what he is doing.