GeorgeEl Commodore- George Elderflower/field

George is a dedicated and passionate boater and this year is Lord President River. We are all secretly  envious of our George as he is an aeronautical engineering prodigy, an excellent boater and can down a pint in the blink of an eye. For all your kayaking info needs, George is your man.


Sexy SecreEadietary- Eadie (Eddie) McCallum

Eadie joined the GUCC as a kayaking virgin and has become the pinup girl of the club- appearing on several sponsors photos woo! She is unbelievably enthusiastic, exhaustingly cheerful and exactly the person to convince you that kayaking is the best sport in the entire world.


Keeper ofKatie the Gold aka. Treasurer- Katie Douglas

Katie is our favourite farmers daughter and like Eadie was new to the kayaking world when she joined the club and has quickly become one of the best boaters in the female camp. Katie is the perfect person to be looking after our dolla’ dolla’ bills and will buy us lots of new pretty pink kit yeay.


ReubenOrganised Fun Facilitator- Reuben Tomlinson (Social Sec) 

Reuben was a fresher last year and quickly became a key member of the club with his boundless energy and positive attitude, he also took to kayaking like a duck to water. He woo’ed us at the AGM by playing his ukelele which you will definitely see on any of the weekend trips. He has some fantastic ideas for new socials this year so we are VERY excited, and you should be too.

ClarePublicity Secretary- Clare Killinchyprince Andrews 

Which is MEEEE, better known as Killinchy I am often accused of being a social member as I am rarely caught in a kayak, but 2014-2015 is my year and you will have the privilege of witnessing me swim. Despite being quite scared of rivers I love the club and the idea of kayaking- I just watch at the side with a warm flask. Jokes


Trips SecrCatetary- Cat Mc(CheapJoke)Bride

The unofficial queen of the club Cat is a brilliant boater and the loveliest person ever. She is the next best person after George to ask about anything kayak related as I think she prefers boating to walking. Cat can often be seen leading festivities at our socials but I won’t give too much more away..


WaterLoganpolo Hero- Logan Duguid

(the one on the left) Logan makes waterpolo look like the most extreme team sport on the planet. He will have you playing in one of the beginner games without you even realising, and then competing for the University. Don’t listen to the polo haters, polo is a lot of fun and Logan is the perfect poster boy for it this year.


LovebirdsPinkston Poster Boy- Graeme Cathcart

(our very own kayak lovebirds aww) Graeme is actually the lesser known 6th member of One Direction and is guaranteed to look suave in every kayaking photo, even when everyone else looks like a drowned rat. Graeme is one of the best boaters in the club and is an absolute gent on the river so is going to be great in his new role as Pinkston Coordinator. You might hear him singing along to his fave 1D tune on the rapids.


Ordinary/E534400_10150987542257065_874099705_nxtraordinary Member- Emma Cecil

Cecil was club secretary last year so knows the ins and outs of the club as well as being an excellent boater. Additional to boating and studying civil engineering Cecil is also a fancy dress outfitter- pm her for your own personal outfit, she specialises in human showers, flying carpets and glow stick men. You can find her on the dancefloor of Viper doing handstands and cartwheels..



 AliceShip(wrecStephanks)rights- Alice Dean & Stephan Moss

Alice and Stephan are strangely similar yet completely opposite which makes them the perfect team for shiprights. What are shiprights I hear you cry? Well they essentially look after all the kit/the shed/the boats/do all the dirty work, and we love them for it. With Stephan’s extreme knowledge of kayaking- after owning every single type of kayak you could imagine and Alice’s hard work and natural kayaking skills/nicest person on the planet ever- we might just have the best kitted out club in all of the land.