Committee Members for session 2011/2012
Photo of Keiran
Kieran McAllister
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Brief Information:
Stepping up to the big job after an astronomical rise through the club ranks. A complete beginner just two years ago Kieran is now comfortable in a boat in almost any situation and in prime position to lead our club.

Photo of Callum
Callum Pearson
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Brief Information:
Although new to the committee Callum has been in the club for a couple of years now. We know he’s a good boater and a good laugh, so we reckon we can trust him with all our money.

Photo of Claire
Claire Watson
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Brief Information:
Completing the CTS and fresh from a stellar performance in the Alps, Claire will undoubtedly be the organised, level headed secretary that we need. Her friendly and approachable nature will be obvious, unless you haven’t paid your membership…

Photo of Rupert
Trip Secretary:
Rupert Bennett
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Brief Information:
Despite rarely attending a trip without forgetting to pack important items ranging from a helmet to a sleeping bag an impassioned speech from a mop convinced us Rupert should be in charge of organising them. If it doesn’t rain, it’s all his fault.

Photo of Cat
Competitions Secretary:
Cat McBride
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Brief Information:
Last year Cat got roped into playing div 1 for the club and did so well we decided she should be in charge of all our competitions. Not just a polo lady Cat is an accomplished river paddler, so can be approached to discuss all competitions whether it be slalom, white water racing or, most importantly, NSR!

Photo of Holly
Social Secretary:
Holly Ramsden
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Brief Information:
A drunk former social sec once told me that the mark of a good social is the ability to chat to anyone. With Holly the trick may be getting her to shut up. This bodes well for this year’s socials, but badly for my bank account and liver.

Photo of Harry
Publicity Convenor:
Harry Brickell
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Brief Information:
Harry has a good amount of dents in his boat, a testament to his ability some might say. His manhood is known as "the destroyer" in certain african countries and his accomplishments include 8 highers and a bronze swimming certificate that will almost definitely be worth more than his geography degree. All in all a top lad who will be good at publicising the club - by Gregor.

Photo of Sam
Sam Gregory
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Brief Information:
The big dog himself. Sam may not seem like a particularly organised human being at first glance, but arriving at uni already an experienced paddler something gave us some faith in his ability to tackle this role. Any issues with kit, speak to Sam.

Photo of Stella
Stella Bray
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Brief Information:
Completing the team of Shipwrights that keep all equipment in working order, Stella may have only been paddling for year but her high levels of enthusiasm means that she will learn the tricks of the trade quickly. Any important issues with kit, speak to Stella.

Photo of Fraser
Ordinary Member:
Fraser Simpson
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Brief Information:
An old hand on the committee Fraser redefined what could be expected from the social sec. Although somewhat retired to the position of ordinary member I am sure Fraser will remain a strong voice among the rest of the committee.

Photo of Safety Committee
Safety Committee:
Chris Bell, John MacArthur and Thomas Jenkins
Brief Information:
This trio of dedicated members ensure that the trips we run are safe and fun. When we say safe... ;)
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