Pool Sessions, Thursday 6.30-9.00pm

Sessions are in the Stevie Pool, Oakfield Avenue. Just turn up and bring a swimming cozzie and towel!

Canoe Virgin?- don't worry, we have lots of friendly, trained paddlers to teach you all you need to know: from how to get into a canoe and basic eskimo rolls, to polo skills and playboating tricks to impress your flatmates! If you can already pull flatwater cartwheels, then come down anyway and show us how!

Beginners will be taught basic paddling strokes and rolling technique by qualified coaches, and each person will have the chance to progress through BCU Star tests if they wish. Advanced paddlers have chance to learn freestyle skills in a separate area of the pool, dedicated to rodeo training.

Polo- We regularly have polo training in the last hour of the session, both for beginners and pros. We host the SUS polo championships in February.


Active Social Scene- Every Thursday after the pool session without fail, you'll find most members in the GUU Beer Bar. After a couple of hours, we'll usually be taking over the podium in the Hive and dancing the night away! The canoe club is a fantastic opportunity to make lots of new friends!

Activities- Aside from the Hive, we also have organised activities such as Pub Crawls, barbeques, fancy dress parties and, of course, the GUSA ball.

Machrihanish- Every term we also travel to the Mull of Kintyre to a place called Machrihanish supposedly for the fantastic surf, although it's a great social occasion as well. We descend upon the local pub and take over for the weekend! The nights usually ending in raucas Karaoke, and drinking games, with most people waking up with a sore head, dreading who they could have pulled!!!

If you want more information, or have ideas for a GUCC social event, contact the awesome Fraser Simpson via the Committee page.


River Trips- We usually run three or four trips a month to rivers all across Scotland, varying from total beginner to advanced, and we will be doing slalom practice too. Meet us at the Main Gate (see map), usually at either 8 or 9am, and get back around 7pm. Names are taken the Thursday before, at the pool (ask for Emma).

You need:
Swim StuffWhatever you'd wear to the pool: be that trunks, speedos or a bikini!
FootwearFootwear for when you're in the kayak: an old pair of trainers, maybe a pair of wetboots if you have them.
TowelI know it seems obvious, but everyone's done it - and you will too, but try and remember it: a towel!
ThermalsPerhaps THE most important thing to bring. Make sure you bring as many thin fleeces and warm NON-COTTON tops as possible! Cotton t-shirts are a big NO! Proper thermals are an extremely worthwhile investment if you really want to keep out the scottish weather!
FoodTo truly know delight, you merely need to have some kind of hot soup waiting for you when you get off a river - but anything edible goes. (there's almost always a food stop as we leave campus for anyone who's forgotten)
MoneyMoney for fuel (usually a fiver) is collected when you put your name down for a trip, but you should always have some on you anyway.
Warm ClothesAnd warm clothes for when you get off the river: Jackets, fleeces, jumpers, hoodies and hats...

Other Trips

Weekend Competitions- We will also be jetting off around Britain for events like BUCS Polo and Slalom, and the Rodeo in Nottingham.

Alps- Each year we run a 2 week kayaking trip to the alps, guaranteeing you 2 weeks of heaven, paddling in some of the best white water there is! And you'll get a tan too.....
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